Statutory Insurance Laws 2016 Vietnam (Decree 122/2015/ND-CP)

The lowest rate for Social Insurance (SI), Health Insurance (HI), Unemployment Insurance (UI) contribution are:

VND 2,568,000 – VND 3,745,000 (for the work after being trained)

VND 2,400,000 – VND 3,500,000 (for the rough work not being trained)

The maximum rate for SI, HI, UI contribution effective from 1 May 2016 is VND 24,200,000

The following employee's contract type will be subject to SI, HI and UI contribution:

* Sign more than 01 labour contract

* Labor contract term is more than 3 months

SI, HI and UI contribution for both employer and employee are regulated as below:

* From 01/01/2016 – 31/12/2017: Salary + salary allowance

* From 01/01/2018 and forwards: Salary + salary allowance + other additional payments


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